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Calling All Readers!

Send me a photo of yourself

(and/or your spouse, significant other, friends,

yoga group, book club, chorale, etc.)

reading either one of my books,

Zero-Degree Murder


Murder Off the Beaten Path,

and I will post it on my website


in the Readers Gallery.

Fame and fortune not guaranteed.

Have fun with it!

Be creative!

If you’re from a country other than the U.S., put your nation’s flag in the photo.

Let’s see how many different countries we can get!

My e-mail address: mlrowland@ymail.com.

Or you can access the e-mail on my website: http://www.mlrowland.com


Each person depicted must be reading his/her own copy of either book.

Attach them to the e-mail in jpg format.

If you send me a photo and don’t see it up on my website within a week,

please try again. Possibly your e-mail went into my spam box.


Please check out my website for discussion questions for “Zero-Degree Murder” and “Murder Off the Beaten Path” specifically designed for book clubs.

If I’ve missed questions for either book you would like to see included in the list, please let me know via this site or my website: http://www.mlrowland.com.

Thank you!


Happy reading!


“Murder Off the Beaten Path,” the second book in the Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid, written by M.L. Rowland, is now available at:



And don’t forget

your local brick and mortar bookstores



If they don’t have either

“Murder Off the Beaten Path”

or the first book in the series,

“Zero-Degree Murder,”

ask them to order them for you!!

Following is the current list of dates and radio stations or bookstores for which I have interviews/book events set up for “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” releasing tomorrow, Tuesday, October 7.

More will be added when they’re scheduled.

(Apologies for the crooked columns–apparently WordPress doesn’t do columns!)

Thanks for listening/attending (if you can)!!

Murder Off the Beaten Path

Mon, Oct. 6        12:30 PM             KGAL                     Lebanon, OR

Tues, Oct. 7         7:30 AM             KCMN                    Colorado Springs

Tues, Oct. 7          8:10 AM             KOGA                    Oglalla, NB

Tues, Oct. 7          9:05 AM             WOCA                   Orlando

Wed, Oct. 8          7:00 AM             WMST                  Lexington,KY

Wed, Oct. 8        10:00 AM             KDUN                  Reedsport, OR

Wed, Oct. 8         10:35 AM             KLZ                       Denver

Thurs, Oct. 9         7:30 AM             Syndicated           Andover, MA

Thurs, Oct. 9         8:30 AM             KJFF                     St. Louis

Fri, Oct. 10             8:30 AM            WILY                     St. Louis

Fri, Oct. 10              1:00 PM            KHEN                   Salida

Mon, Oct. 13        7:45 AM                KTLF                    Little Falls, MN

Tues, Oct. 14        6:00 PM               The Book Haven/Salida

Sat, Oct. 18           3:00 PM               Barnes and Noble/Pueblo, CO

Mon, Oct. 20      11:30 AM              WCAP                    Boston, MA

Wed, Oct. 22        6:35 AM              WXGM                  Gloucester, VA

Mon, Oct. 22        8:30 AM             Syndicated            A Touch of Grey

Tues, Oct. 28        7:00 PM              Schuler Books/Grand Rapids, MI

Wed, Oct. 29        11:35 AM             WJRW                  Grand Rapids, MI

Sun, Nov. 9           2:00 PM              Parker Writers Group/Parker Library/Parker, CO



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