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Okay, now that “Don’t Get Dead” is “finished,” what’s next?

The hard part begins: getting it published. That means I have to be the publicity/marketing department for my book.  Sell.  Sell.  Sell.

Why is it so doggone hard?

One reason, physiologically speaking, is because (it’s my belief that) writing and marketing use different regions of the brain. One region serves the creative, artsy fartsy, emotional–writing. Another region serves the analystical, pragmatic, unemotional–sales/marketing.  (While there’s some debate of this, I still believe writers have to engage different parts to do different things.)

Regardless I’ve always found I can’t be creative (writing, painting, etc.) while in the sales and marketing mode, and vice versa. It takes time, sometimes days for me to switch between the two. Which may be why I seem to write in spurts and market in spurts. (I know, I know, you’re supposed to write every day.)

So I’ve spent what seems like eons writing and editing and rewriting and polishing and rewriting my book.  Now I have to switch over to marketing mode, while at the same time stay in the creative because I’m also working on Number 2 of the Gracie Kinkaid mysteries:  “Death Follows After.”

Why it’s so hard emotionally to market and sell one’s own work is a whole other, infinitely more complex, discussion. Another blog perhaps?

I’m done procrastinating for the day.

Time to friggin’ sell! Sell! Sell!

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