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So, since I have a new book being released in a few weeks, I Googled my name, M.L. Rowland, to see what came up, and where. Strictly research, of course.

Among the listings were some images associated with the name.

A couple were a picture of the cover of the book:


There were a few pictures from this blog, such as the one I took of the Arkansas River in Colorado a couple of years ago…


But imagine my surprise (dismay? shock?) when all this time I thought I looked like this…

Black Mesa Road R1 6A - MLR

Or this…

MALR in Crack Canyon

Turns out I look like this…

M.L. Rowland image


After a very little digging, I discovered that this is Sir Rowland Hill. According to the Museum of London’s website, he lived from 1495 to 1561,  was Lord Mayor of London in 1549 and, all in all, a pretty decent guy. Among other things, Sir Rowland “gained a fearsome reputation as a ‘foe to vice…’ Much of Hill’s personal energies were devoted to charitable and philanthropic causes.  He gave generously to the poor and took a personal interest in the running of [some] hospitals…”

Now at least when I look in the mirror in the morning and this face crops up, I’ll know it’s Sir Rowland and not that I had a really really rough night.

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“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

— C. S. Lewis


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Homegrown Ideas

Looking for an idea for a plot or subplot? Try checking your local newspaper.

A couple of years ago Colorado law enforcement caught 3 Florida fugitives on I-25 south of Pueblo. Two brothers and a sister had robbed a bank and shot at a sheriff’s deputy in Florida and were on the run. They were brilliant enough to try to buy AK47 ammo at the Walmart in Canon City, 40 or so minutes from where I live.

It wasn’t until the following morning that the Walmart employee recognized them on the news and called the local police department.

A CSP officer recognized them at a Subway south of Pueblo and a chase down the highway ensued with shots exchanged. Their car finally crashed into a highway guardrail, the sister was shot in the leg and everyone was captured without a single law enforcement officer injured.

Great story! Great idea for a book! Or a script!

So what are you waiting for?

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