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“Zero-Degree Murder” and “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” the first two books of my search and rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid were released in 2014. “Murder on the Horizon” releases in August 2015.

What makes me qualified to write a book about a woman in Search and Rescue?

First, I’m a woman.


Second, I was a very active member on a very busy search and rescue team for a dozen years, participating in hundreds of search and rescue missions and trainings, including technical ropes rescues, helicopter insertions and evacuations, and winter survival. I hold a California State certification in Tracking.

When I decided to try my hand at fiction and was trying to decide what to write about, I followed that old adage: “write what you know.” And since I love to read mysteries, mysteries about Search and Rescue seemed a perfect fit.

Happy reading!

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Make A Difference

Do It Anyway and Make a Difference.

Thanks to One for the meme. From their Facebook page:

ONE is a hard-headed movement of people around the world fighting the absurdity of extreme poverty.
Their Mission:

At ONE, we achieve change through advocacy. We hold world leaders to account for the commitments they’ve made to fight extreme poverty, and we campaign for better development policies, more effective aid and trade reform. We also support greater democracy, accountability and transparency to ensure policies to beat poverty are implemented effectively.

ONE works closely with policy experts, African leaders, and anti-poverty activists to mobilize public opinion in support of tested and proven methods for tackling poverty. At ONE, we believe the fight against poverty is not about charity, but about justice and equality.

Knowledge is power: Learn the basics about the fight against global poverty and disease at http://www.one.org/us/issues/

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You don’t need to save the world. You DO need to make a positive difference.

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I’m re-posting this blog because it’s such an important topic, especially when much of the country is experiencing record cold temperatures.

Whether you’re lost in the wild or stranded in your car in a blizzard, remembering the “Rule of 3’s” could possibly save your life.

As I stated in my blog about the Rule of P’s, the 1st and more important rule to survival is keeping a positive mental attitude.

Here’s the Rule of 3’s:

A person can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

In other words, if you find yourself in a survival situation, prioritize. Finding shelter and/or staying warm and dry should be your top priority. Finding something to eat should be the last thing on your mind. If you’re already in your car, stay there! If you’re in the woods, find some kind of shelter whether it be in the bowl beneath the spreading branches of a tree or even a coverlet of fallen leaves or pine needles.

“So That Others May Live.”

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With this post’s decidedly UNholiday nature, I was going to wait until after Christmas to post. But considering that the majority of the nation is experiencing monster storms, I chose to post it today.

While clearing out the storage shelves in our laundry room (yikes!), I was sorting out some old towels for the local animal shelter and was reminded of a discovery I made a few years back.

I was out for a winter’s drive in my pick-up truck with my adult niece, Kate, creeping (around fifteen miles per hour in low-range) down the middle of a steep snow-packed mountain road, when the truck began sliding sideways. In less time than it takes to tell, the front and rear right tires slipped down into the drainage ditch paralleling the road.

Even in four wheel drive, there was no way to simply drive out of the ditch, about two or so feet deep. I tried everything. Slowly pressing down on the gas. Driving forward. Backing up. Digging a trench in the snow (with a shovel I keep in the back). Placing boards, sticks, dirt and duff in front of and in back of the tires for traction.

All to no avail. We were stuck. But good.

It was quite late in the afternoon, the shadows were lengthening and it was already cold–in the twenties with the temperature dropping fast.

I wasn’t worried though, determined rather, and annoyed at the thought of possibly having to be rescued. (There’s nothing more ignominious than a searcher have to be RESCUED!)

Although there was no cell phone coverage where we were, we could access a cell tower within a mile or so down the road of our location. Plus there was a house another mile or two beyond that. But, as cold as it was, I knew it was best to stay with the truck. There were plenty of survival supplies piled behind the front seats–blankets, sleeping bags, water, food, candles, flashlight and batteries, matches. But most important, I had filed a flight plan with my husband before leaving the house–he knew exactly where we had gone, as well as when we should return and when to come looking for us (two distinctly different things).

Still, NOT wanting to have to be rescued, I tried the last thing I had in the truck bed–some old towels. I laid them out in front of the tires, accelerated slowly and, slick as you please, drove right out of the ditch. Apparently, the nap of towels provided enough traction on both sides to both grip and stay in place on the snow and for the tires to grab.

I was so surprised. And thankful.

No embarrassing rescuing required!

Since then, I always keep a few towels in my vehicle.

Because one NEVER knows!

Happy Winter!

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Together we can change the world.

Today more than ever before, these words are true.

The internet, cell phones, social media and all the other technological advances that are occurring in leaps and bounds have tied the global community together in unprecedented ways.

To all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and members of every other faith, in the true spirit of Christmas, let’s use our amazing technological capabilities to saturate the world with these ideas:






















Imagine what a difference we can make if we work together.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my family, my friends, my community, my country, my world.

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Kindness. Generosity. Equality. Compassion. Responsibility. Stewardship. Unity. Action. Humility. Forgiveness. Understanding. Freedom. Conscience. Integrity. Tolerance. Truth. Justice. Hope.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my family, my friends, my community, my country, my world.

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