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“What has influenced my life more than any other thing has been my stammer. Had I not stammered I would probably have gone to Cambridge as my brothers did, perhaps have become a don and every now and then published a dreary book about French literature.”

W. Somerset Maugham said these words.

Instead of Cambridge, “Of Human Bondage.” In spite of a stammer, “The Razor’s Edge” and “The Moon and Sixpence.”

What’s your “stammer?” What’s your “club foot?” What holds you back? In your writing? At work? School? In personal relationships? In life itself?

Disapproval? Self-doubt? Embarrassment? Self-pity or self-love? Fear? Anger? Shyness? Bitterness?

What would happen if you looked at whatever your stammer is from another angle? What if you stopped playing those same old damaging scripts in your head–those scripts that tell you you’re not good enough for this? Or too good for this?!

What if you stopped listening to and believing those negative influences in your life? What new possibilities can you see? How can it be used to your or someone else’s advantage? How could it turn your life around? How would it influence what you write? Or how you write?

What would happen if you took control? If you did it anyway…regardless?

What if you said, ‘No?’ What if you said, ‘Yes?’ What if, instead of saying “Poor me,” you said “Poor you,” then did something about it?

What if, instead of reacting in anger, you acted with kindness? Instead of self-pity, with generosity? Instead of fear, strength? What if, instead of judgement, you sought to understand?

What if you did or wrote what you wanted to instead of what you thought you should? What if, instead of standing back, saying nothing, you spoke out or wrote in support of someone or something about which you feel passionate? What if, instead of letting a wrong or cruelty or indifference slide by unchallenged, you spoke or wrote against it?

What if…?

Think about it.

Imagine it.

Practice it.

Do it.

Somerset Maugham turned the lead of his stammer into solid gold prose.

Lucky him.

Lucky us.

Lucky world.

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New Release: M.L. Rowland

Releases one week from today–August 4, 2015.

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“Murder on the Horizon,” the third book in my Search and Rescue Mystery Series featuring Gracie Kinkaid, releases August 4.

“Murder on the Horizon” as well as the first two books in the series, “Zero-Degree Murder” and “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” are available at select Barnes and Noble bookstores, and local bookstores and libraries. (If they don’t have a copy, they can order it for you.) Both soft cover and e-versions are also available at http://www.barnesandnoble.com and http://www.amazon.com.

Happy reading!


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For Aunt A 7

“The arc of the moral universe is long,

but it bends towards justice.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Integrity is doing the right thing,

even when

no one is watching.

–C.S. Lewis


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“I’m for truth,

no matter who tells it.

I’m for justice,

no matter who it’s for or against.”

— Malcolm X

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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

All the great things are simple,

and many can be expressed in a single word:







— Winston Churchill

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