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In the doldrums because your latest book (or poem or screenplay or article or play or essay) has been rejected by a publisher (or editor or agent or production company or magazine)?

Remember this: you’re keeping company with Dr. Seuss.

Yep. That Dr. Seuss.

According to this great blog, One Hundred Famous Rejections: “Who could reject Dr. Seuss?” it turns out, lots of people.

During his lifetime, Dr. Seuss won two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, and a Peabody Award.

He sold over two million books including some of his most popular: “The Cat In The Hat,” “The Sneetches,” “Green Eggs & Ham,” “Oh, The Places You’ll Go,” and “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

His first book, “And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street,” was rejected 27 times before it was finally accepted.

One of his most famous rejection letter excerpts read: ‘This is too different from other juveniles on the market to warrant its selling.’”

Who else’s work was rejected at some time or another?

According to this same blog: F. Scott Fitzgerald. J.K. Rowling. John Grisham. Beatrix Potter. Ernest Hemingway. Ray Bradbury. And a lot more writers whose names you would recognize.

So next time you’re singing the rejection blues, remember you’re in truly GREAT company.
Maybe that’ll give you a little hope.
And drive.
Then momentum.
On to success!
Keep writing!

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Murder On The Horizon

Available now at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com,

at select Barnes & Noble book stores,

and in local libraries and book stores.

If they don’t carry it, ask them to order it for you!


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Here’s a list of interviews and books events coinciding with tomorrow’s release of “Murder on the Horizon.” Hope some of you can tune in or to see some of you in person!

Radio Interviews

WMT, Cedar Rapids, IA, Aug. 5, 6:25 AM MST

WMST, Mt. Sterling, KY, Aug. 6, 7:00 AM MST

KCMX, Medford, OR, Aug. 6, 9:15 AM MST

WNCT, Greenville, NC, Aug. 11, 1:15 PM MST

KJFF, St. Louis, MO, Aug. 18, 8:40 AM, MST

WILY, St. Louis, MO, Aug. 19, 8:30 AM MST

KHEN, Salida, CO, Aug. 28, 1:00 PM MST

Book Event/Signings

Barnes & Noble-Denver, 960 S. Colorado Blvd., Glendale, CO, Aug. 15, 1-3 PM

Barnes & Noble-Pueblo, 4300 N. Freeway Road, Pueblo, CO, Aug. 29, 1-4 PM

Dies Librorum, The Book Haven, 135 F St, Salida, CO, $10. Dinner included. RSVP: 719-539-9629, Sept. 8, 6-8 PM

Barnes & Noble-Colorado Springs, Citadel Mall, 750 Citadel Dr E, Colorado Springs, CO, Sept. 12, 12-3 PM

ReadConBooks & Brews, Zoe’s Café, 715 10th Street, Greeley, CO, Sept. 12, 6-8 PM

Tattered Cover-LoDo, 1628 16th St., Denver, CO, Sept. 15, 7-9 PM

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Being a writer means baring your soul,

expressing your deepest feelings,

capturing your most profound thoughts

on paper

for the entire world to read

and tear to shreds.

Being a writer also means

being able to bear it with grace


to keep writing.

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MURDER ON THE HORIZON is available NOW for pre-order in both soft cover and electronic versions.

Order your own copy right now and receive it the day of release: August 4, 2015. Available for pre-sale on both http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com.

The first two books in mySearch and Rescue mystery series, Zero-Degree Murder​ and Murder Off the Beaten Path​, published by Penguin Random House, are both available on http://www.Amazon.com and http://www.BarnesandNoble.com, in Barnes and Noble bookstores, and in local bookstores and libraries.

If your brick and mortar bookstores are out of the book, ask them to order it for you!



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“Zero-Degree Murder” and “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” the first two books of my search and rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid were released in 2014. “Murder on the Horizon” releases in August 2015.

What makes me qualified to write a book about a woman in Search and Rescue?

First, I’m a woman.


Second, I was a very active member on a very busy search and rescue team for a dozen years, participating in hundreds of search and rescue missions and trainings, including technical ropes rescues, helicopter insertions and evacuations, and winter survival. I hold a California State certification in Tracking.

When I decided to try my hand at fiction and was trying to decide what to write about, I followed that old adage: “write what you know.” And since I love to read mysteries, mysteries about Search and Rescue seemed a perfect fit.

Happy reading!

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I just turned in to my editor the first draft of “Murder on the Horizon,” the third book in my Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid.

It’s always a bit nerve wracking.

And now the wait to receive edits back begins.

Check out the first two books in the series, “Zero-Degree Murder” and “Murder Off the Beaten Path,” available in both soft cover and e-versions for Nooks and Kindles:




Happy Reading!


Happy Holidays

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