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Fill you life with experiences

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Live dangerously. Read.

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The second book of my Search and Rescue mystery series featuring Gracie Kinkaid, “Murder Off the Beaten Path, releases October 7, 2014.


As a member of a mountain search and rescue team, Gracie Kinkaid routinely volunteers to put her life on the line. But it’s at her new day job at a residential camp in the mountains of southern California where she finds her life is really in danger.…

Murder Off the Beaten Path: A Search and Rescue Mystery tells how Gracie responds to a Search and Rescue call-out for a car that’s gone over the side of a treacherous mountain highway. The crash, which Gracie quickly suspects is no accident, proves to be one in an escalating and deadly series of events that lead her right back to Camp Ponderosa, a church-owned camp where she works. As Gracie probes more deeply into the dark secrets at the camp, she unearths a hidden world of illegal activities, including murder, and finds herself going head-to-head with desperate perpetrators who will do anything to silence her forever.

Murder Off the Beaten Path contains all of the same ingredients that made the first book in this series, Zero-Degree Murder, such a smashing success—thrills, chills, break-neck pacing, and its quirky, fearless heroine, Gracie Kinkaid, on almost every page. Lots of new characters and some returning ones, an intriguing new setting—a residential camp high in the mountains, and an exciting new nightmare for Gracie.

Of “Zero-Degree Murder,” Library Journal wrote: “This exciting, seriously good adventure debut deserves a place in your book carts. With her spunky female leading the way, Rowland dishes out generous portions of adrenaline rush. …Her adventure writing style has real flair.”

“Murder Off the Beaten Path,” and the first in the series, Zero-Degree Murder” are available on my website, http://www.mlrowland.com, and at http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com.

And don’t forget your local brick and mortar bookstore. If they don’t carry it, they can order it for you!

Thanks, everyone!

Happy reading!

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I use a Thesaurus.


I’ve admitted it.

I’ve come clean. Bared my soul to the world.

Purists deride using the Thesaurus, branding its use cheating somehow.

I’m an artist at heart and love to paint pictures with words. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood and have the time (or when I’m stuck and just plain wasting time), I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for the right word. For instance, “rose” or “strawberry” conjures up a more vivid image than simply “pink.” So does “slate” or “gun-metal” rather than simply “gray.”

Enter the Thesaurus.

To be clear, I’m talking the good, old-fashioned twelve-hundred plus page Roget’s International Thesaurus, not the online thesaurus. While fast and convenient, the online versions provide you with maybe three or four synonyms, not whole paragraphs of words from which to select exactly the PERFECT word.

And they have no HEFT!

I once mentioned using a Thesaurus to a college-educated friend. She didn’t know what one was! GASP! I showed her mine. She patiently endured my explanation, inwardly rolling her eyes, I’m sure.

I have to say here that I NEVER (or at least try to never) use a word the meaning of which I am not absolutely certain. There’s nothing worse than being able to tell a writer has lifted a word from a Thesaurus without truly understanding what that word means. When in doubt, don’t use it! (I know that’s not how the ditty goes, but you get my point.)

So…in spite of the purists, I say:

Go ahead! Thesaur away!

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“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”

Agatha Christie

For good or bad, my best time for planning a book is while I’m driving.

When’s yours?

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Strong Female Characters

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What’s Gracie up to next?

Here’s a sneak peek at the next book in my Gracie Kinkaid Mysteries, “Murder Off the Beaten Path”:

When Mountain Search and Rescue expert, Gracie Kinkaid, begins to suspect that a local 15-year-old girl who has gone missing is connected with the violent death of a friend, she’s plunged headlong into an insidious network linking the camp at which she works in the mountain resort town of Timber Lake with Los Angeles–a network more evil and more dangerous than Gracie ever imagined.

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